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I’m Emily. I’m an entrepreneur, data-junkie, and marketing expert. I help coaches, entrepreneurs, and those looking to ditch the corporate rat race turn strangers into paying clients. Thanks for visiting!

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Strangers to Clients wtih Emily Orlandini

Instagram Content That Makes You Money

Listen to find out 3 things you need to be doing on IG to start generating revenue.


Overcoming Pricing Objections

If someone hasn't already asked you to lower your prices, it's coming. Here's what you can do.


Why No One is

Buying From You

Have a ton of followers, but no one is buying from you? Listen to this!


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I'll show you how to grow your business and turn your followers into sales without all of the gimmicky BS. 


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Why Some Courses Flop and Others Thrive

If you're thinking about creating a course or already have a course that flopped, let's talk about it.

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How to Blow Up on TikTok

Here's the main things you should know about blowing up on TikTok in a relatively short period of time.

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How to Get Your Headlines to Rank Higher

Improving your headlines can be a fast and easy way to start ranking higher in search results. Learn how to rank higher and increase CTR.

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I've created e-books with my go-to strategies for growing your social media, scaling your business, and turning strangers into your very own paying clients that I am offering to you for FREE.

Guide to Growing your Email List

Teaching you all about how to gain more email subscribers fairly quickly


STC Framework

Your intro guide to successfully turning complete strangers into paying clients


Guide to Growing your IG Organically

Here are some tips that you can implement right away to start seeing some organic growth on the 'gram.


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Cynthia S.

"Emily does a fantastic job! She has great ideas, is very communicative, and we receive a lot of great responses to the work that she has done on our social media campaigns. I would highly reccomend her!"

John R.

"Emily is a pleasure to work with. She  is great at identifying how she can help with your project. She is organized and reliable when it comes to staying on schedule."

Carrie W.

"Emily is extremely innovative and is able to bring cutting edge ideas to life through marketing. She is truly talented and cares about her work. She will go above and beyond to help anyone or accomplish any task."

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